Special People

This page is for our "special People". They may have been showed or simply beloved pets. They may be still here or be long gone, but either way they have a place in our heart and a home on our website.

             Renvall Ab-Fab


Cederaire Carbon Copy by Renvall


       Cloudbuster Kinky Gerlinky


   Renvall's Between The Sheets


    Renvall's Dancin' In Moonlite


  Ch Renvall's Vanity Fair at Togepi


 Cederaire To Smuve To Be Bita By Renvall


        Cederaire Levi Of Renvall


     Renvall's Bucks Fizz at Kashanico


 Renvall's Bubbly Bollinger at Kashanico


Email Me Corduroi 000_0131 Cleo_Aug04a Winnielitter 167 Inca 5880_144193331336_789016336_3215618_5826567_n Murphy_100 Levi - Last Fizz1 CIMG0392 19072008489

              Renvall's Black Velvet



    Togepi Lord of The Ring with Renvall